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2018 IRHL International Break

The Aardvarks are releasing the following players for this weekend’s international break:

The Aardvarks would like to wish each player the best of luck!


Breaking news…April Fools’ Day

The previous ‘Breaking news‘ story has no validity. Gunner Gislason did not rampage the town, ringing random door bells. Or…did he???

Breaking news

The Aardvarks have stripped the captaincy from Gunner Gislason because of his off-ice shenanigans late last night. He was caught, numerous times, ringing strangers doorbells without invitation. The Aardvarks believe his actions were immoral.

The Aardvarks have now awarded their perennial 50 goal scorer, Cory Johannesson, the ‘C’ for next season.

New aquisition

The Arborg Aardvarks have acquired Jayde Barkman from the Riverton Rifles to replace Mack Marks between the pipes. Barkman made some critical saves in his first game as an Aardvark, stopping 59 shots in the 15-11 victory over the Riverton Pointers.

You can catch Barkman and the Aardvarks in action this Sunday at 7:30pm in the Arborg Arena when they face off against the Arborg Comrades.

2015/2016 Roster


To see all this season’s players, check out the roster.