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First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

The current Aardvark logo was created by former Aardvark Brock Thompson in 2006. Not only is Thompson crafty on the ice, he is just as crafty on canvas.

Thompson’s creation back in 2006.


First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Aardvark legend Donny Buchko is a life long Montreal Canadiens fan. He is determined to play with the Aardvarks until they match the Canadiens record of 24 championships.

Buchko is keen on achieving his lifelong dream of 24 championships.

First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Due to Aardvark’s goalie Jayde Barkman’s unquenchable interest in nursery rhymes and his passion for vowels of the English language, he developed a keen interest in farming upon hearing ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’. EIEIO.

Barkman striking a pose while closing the gate to his heifers.


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First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Aardvark Jason Gulay hangs onions outside his front door a month before the IRHL season. This is a good way to keep the negative hockey Gods out of a house.

Onions grown in Gulay’s garden to specifically ward off bad hockey Gods.

New acquisitions

Pochailo’s Contract

Chwaliboga’s Contract

Following the folding of the Arborg Fussy P’s, the IRHL has experienced an influx of young, talented UFAs this summer. GM Gunner Gislason spent many hours on his cellular phone penetrating the IRHL UFA market. After everything was said and done, Gislason locked up Ryan Pochailo and Ethan Chwaliboga to one-year, two-way contracts. Gislason hopes this addition of young blood can add some ‘swagger’ to the aging Aardvarks lineup.

The Shooters were also busy this off-season, signing the reigning 2017-2018 IRHL MVP.

First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Caleb Kanteluk is the official Athletic Mechanic for the Aardvarks. His mechanic bag includes booster cables, a tire iron, a crescent wrench, a hammer, a flat-head screwdriver, a skate sharpening stone and WD-40.

Kanteluk’s qualifications.

2017/18 IRHL Save of the Year

The 2017-18 IRHL Save of the Year goes to Aardvark’s back-up Gunner Gislason.

On one damp, foggy March evening in the Riverton Memorial Arena, Gislason robbed Rifles’ Dueck of his third goal of the game. The Aardvarks’ may not have took home the ‘W’ but Gislason showed the guys that he is willing to fill any position for the team.



“Cory Johannesson is determined to reach the 70 goal plateau this season. How will he score his 70th goal” poll results

The Aardvarks’ Nation has spoken… they have no idea how Johannesson is going to pot his 70th goal of the season.

Sitting with 68 goals going into this Wednesday’s game against the Comrades, Johannesson is eager to reach 70. Although the numbers are on his side, owning  a 3.16 career goals per game average against the Comrades, he is up against the leading IRHL Vezina Trophy candidate of the year, Ryan Jonson.

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“When Gunner’s IRHL career comes to an end, which sport should he master next” poll results

The results are in. The Aardvarks Nation has decided Gunner’s post retirement endeavours by selecting his next achievement….mastering the art of hide and seek.

Associate Captain Gislason is planning on asking his father, Kenneth Gislason, to organize an alfalfa hay bale maze this upcoming summer in order to begin his training for The Nascondino World Championships, the annual international hide and seek championship, held in Italy. Gislason is sure to succeed in this competition upon retirement from the IRHL.

Thanks to all of those that participated. Make sure to cast your vote in the next Aardvark poll.

The Nascondino World Championship attracts the world’s best hide and seekers.  Image source: http://www.nascondinoworldchampionship.com/