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November 2018 report

The month of November has not been too kind for the Aardvarks, who posted a 2-5-2 record over the month.

A combination of a tough schedule and the lack of proper conditioning by a few of the veteran Aardvarks during the off-season is the direct link to starting the season three games under 0.500.

Some highlights over the month include Jayde Barkman’s 81 save performance agianst the Rifles on November 13th and Donny Buchko’s four goal night against the Brewsers on November 28th. At the well-oiled age of 76, Buchko continues to rewrite the history books of the IRHL.

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Breaking News

Aardvarks GM Gunner Gislason has been busy on the telephone with Parker Abuda’s agent, Roger Abuda, aka The Buddha, discussing a new contract. Gislason has until December 2, 2018 to make the signing before Abuda is ineligible to play in the IRHL for the remainder of the 2018/19 season and therefore only allowed to curl for the rest of the winter.

Abuda has been holding out the last two seasons for a more prominent role in the lineup and remains a restricted free agent, property of the Aardvarks, for another three years.

The IRHL Commissioner’s 2018/2019 Official Greetings

2018/2019 Interlake Recreational League Schedule

The 2018/19 IRHL Schedule has just been released. Make sure to download your copy to follow your Aardvarks throughout this upcoming season.

Breaking News

As of September, 27th 2018, the Aardvarks have officially relocated to the Arborg & District Arena for the upcoming 2018/2019 IRHL season.

We were fortunate enough to get a hold of GM Gunner Gislason this morning, who happens to be celebrating his 43rd birthday. “Yes, it is true. The Aardvarks are returning home to Arborg. We are turning the page and starting a new chapter to our storied history. Yes, it is also true that today is my birthday, but I am treating just like any other day. As we speak, I am finishing my glass of pineapple juice and about to jog the district of Framnes in preparation for puck drop”.

Exclusive: New IRHL Commissioner gives first interview!

The Aardvarks would like to welcome Joel Fridfinnsson as the new IRHL Commissioner. A former player in the IRHL, Fridfinnsson is an invaluable member of the community donating much of his free time to make the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton a better place.

Aardvarkshockey.ca was fortunate to sit down with Fridfinnsson and ask him five questions in five minutes.

Aardvarks Hockey:Why do you think you will be a successful commissioner of the IRHL?

Commissioner F: Because of my overwhelming hatred of rec hockey and my fierce desire to make it less terrible for all those involved.

Aardvarks Hockey: What is your first act of business as the Commissioner of the IRHL?

Commissioner F: Without a doubt, putting the red-line back into the game. I am sick of this cherry picking nonsense.

Aardvarks Hockey: Chris Plishka and his ownership group are keen on entering a Hodgson, MB expansion team into the IRHL as early as the 2019-20 season. What is your stance?

Commissioner F: I am in full support of league expansion and look forward to cutting the ribbon at the unveiling of any new arena.

Aardvarks Hockey: Do you see any new trends in the IRHL?

Commissioner F: The one insidious trend that concerns me most is the switch to white tape on stick blades and butt ends. I will not rest until all players return to black. And, don’t even get me started on the tucking of the skate tongue into the knee pad business.

Aardvarks Hockey: What is one thing that you would change in the league?

Commissioner F: Back checking. I am taking it out. It’s rec hockey, for crying out loud!

Aardvarks Hockey: Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing more from you when the 2018-19 season commences.

Commissioner F: My pleasure.

End of year report

The Aardvarks finished the 2017-18 season five games under 0.500, posting a 13-18-3 record.

The Aardvarks’ overall record is a direct result of the adversity they faced throughout the season, leading the IRHL in man/woman games lost at 137.

To lighten the mood, Associate Captain and General Manager, Gunner Gislason gave each Aardvark a Kinder Surprise containing the  following message of encouragement inside: ‘When you stand before God at the end of your life, I would hope that you would not have a single bit of talent left and can say, “I used everything you gave me”‘.

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Finnson has swapped hockey gloves for work mitts, missing 19 regular season games.

2017/18 IRHL Save of the Year

The 2017-18 IRHL Save of the Year goes to Aardvark’s back-up Gunner Gislason.

On one damp, foggy March evening in the Riverton Memorial Arena, Gislason robbed Rifles’ Dueck of his third goal of the game. The Aardvarks’ may not have took home the ‘W’ but Gislason showed the guys that he is willing to fill any position for the team.



The Aardvarks battle The Pointers for the IRHL C-side Banner

Tonight, the Aardvarks battle The Pointers for the IRHL C-side Banner. If successful, the Varks will bring home their 14th league banner over their 33 years of existence. We asked Aardvark go-getter Jason Gulay how they are going to approach the big match.

‘I am sure tonight’s game will be a barn burner, it usually is against these guys. But we have the intimidation factor on our side…Gunner Gislason’s 75 mph wrist shot. We plan to set him up between the red line and blue line and let him just rifle that puck against the boards during warm-ups until the game begins. That will sure give Triska the willies.’

Fans can catch the C-side final at 8:30 pm at the Riverton Memorial Arena.

See you there!

February 2018 report

The Aardvarks posted a 3-3-1 record over the month of February.

With playoffs out of sight for the Aardvarks, they dressed a few affiliated players to see how they jelled with the veterans. Some notable standouts were Mitch Johnson and Darren Sigurgeirson. Johnson notched a whopping 11 points over 3 games played while Sigurgeirson sniped in 7 goals in his one game tryout. It will be interesting to see if either one of them can crack the 2018-19 Aardvark line-up.

In other news, GM Gunner Gislason is currently negotiating with the Commissioner of the RCMP to extend Evan Kassay’s contract for the 2018-19 IRHL season. The commissioner is a tough negotiator but Gunner is willing to sign Kassay at all costs, even offering the Aardvark roster to take turns patrolling the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton in place of Kassay when he takes his summer holidays.

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Kassay continually works to improve and refine his skills.