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Winner of the Caption Competition

And the winning caption is…

Caption Competition

Want to win a chance for a meet and greet with the Aardvarks after their February 21st bout against the Brewsers?

Send us your funniest caption for this picture! Fill in the form below.


IRHL Winter Boot of the Year

With the arrival of the snow comes the IRHL Winter Boot of the Year competition. This year’s IRHL Winter Boots of the Year representative for the Aardvarks are Jason Gulay’s  winter cowboy boots. The boots, manufactured in Texas and purchased in North Dakota, are worn by Gulay to honour his Midget Hockey coach Leonard Finnson.

There is some stiff competition for this year’s IRHL Winter Boot of the Year. The Rifles have entered Brendan Sigurdson’s Holstein hide mukluks while the Shooters have entered Blaine Magnusson’s nine inch heeled insulated rubber boots.

Aardvarks Nation wishes Gulay the best of luck!

Fan appreciation

The Aardvarks would like to thank their many fans, from Canada to India, for following them over the season. They appreciate your support and can’t wait to see you during the 2016-17 campaign.

Make sure to follow www.aardvarkshockey.ca during the off season  to see their new features.


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