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First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Future IRHL hall of famer Cory Johannesson never lets his sticks touch the ground once he leaves the ice. This prevents the bottom of the blade from rotting, allowing him to continually reach the 50 goal plateau.

Johannesson keeps his spare stickĀ  in his basement.

Johannesson keeps his game stick in his living room.

First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

The current Aardvark logo was created by former Aardvark Brock Thompson in 2006. Not only is Thompson crafty on the ice, he is just as crafty on canvas.

Thompson’s creation back in 2006.

First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Aardvark legend Donny Buchko is a life long Montreal Canadiens fan. He is determined to play with the Aardvarks until they match the Canadiens record of 24 championships.

Buchko is keen on achieving his lifelong dream of 24 championships.

First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Due to Aardvark’s goalie Jayde Barkman’s unquenchable interest in nursery rhymes and his passion for vowels of the English language, he developed a keen interest in farming upon hearing ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’. EIEIO.

Barkman striking a pose while closing the gate to his heifers.


First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Aardvark Jason Gulay hangs onions outside his front door a month before the IRHL season. This is a good way to keep the negative hockey Gods out of a house.

Onions grown in Gulay’s garden to specifically ward off bad hockey Gods.

The IRHL Commissioner’s 2018/2019 Official Greetings

First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Caleb Kanteluk is the official Athletic Mechanic for the Aardvarks. His mechanic bag includes booster cables, a tire iron, a crescent wrench, a hammer, a flat-head screwdriver, a skate sharpening stone and WD-40.

Kanteluk’s qualifications.

The Aardvarks battle The Pointers for the IRHL C-side Banner

Tonight, the Aardvarks battle The Pointers for the IRHL C-side Banner. If successful, the Varks will bring home their 14th league banner over their 33 years of existence. We asked Aardvark go-getter Jason Gulay how they are going to approach the big match.

‘I am sure tonight’s game will be a barn burner, it usually is against these guys. But we have the intimidation factor on our side…Gunner Gislason’s 75 mph wrist shot. We plan to set him up between the red line and blue line and let him just rifle that puck against the boards during warm-ups until the game begins. That will sure give Triska the willies.’

Fans can catch the C-side final at 8:30 pm at the Riverton Memorial Arena.

See you there!

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