Name Number Position
Jayde Barkman 1 Netminder
Jon Finnson 2 Defence
Ryan Pochailo 3 Defence
Scott Bobbee (AP) 4 Defence
Travis Bobbee 4 Defence
Dwight Thompson 5 Defence
Jason Gulay 6 Defence
Donny Buchko 7 Forward
Evan Kassay 9 Forward
Parker Abuda 14 Forward
Caleb Kanteluk 15 Forward
Cory Johannesson 16 Forward
Jeff Fuz 22 Forward
Lana Kecovich 55 Forward
Brock Thompson 61 Defence
Creyton Thompson 77 Forward
Gunner Gislason 86 Forward
Mack Marks 35 Netminder
Chris Sigurdson 81 Forward
Paul Watts (AP) 87 Forward
Ethan Chwaliboga 90 Forward
Darren Sigurgeirson (AP) 99 Forward

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