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Breaking News

Aardvarks GM Gunner Gislason has been busy on the telephone with Parker Abuda’s agent, Roger Abuda, aka The Buddha, discussing a new contract. Gislason has until December 2, 2018 to make the signing before Abuda is ineligible to play in the IRHL for the remainder of the 2018/19 season and therefore only allowed to curl for the rest of the winter.

Abuda has been holding out the last two seasons for a more prominent role in the lineup and remains a restricted free agent, property of the Aardvarks, for another three years.

IRHL Scouting Report

Kyle Sigurdsson, The Shooters

The word around the arena:

Slightly passed his prime, Sigurdsson is still able to control most 1 v 1 situations. He is a hard nosed blueliner who is not scared to block shots despite his general sheepishness in every other aspect of the game.


Scale Rating
Gunner Scale  82
The Cash Scale  34
Evinator Scale  89
J. Gu Scale  98
JR Finnson Scale  99
Overall Ability  80.4
Gunner Scale – wrist shot power, The Cash Scale – faceoff ability, Evinator Scale – durability, J. Gu Scale – aggressiveness, JR Finnson Scale – defensive awareness

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First Monday of the Month Aardvark Fact

Aardvark Jason Gulay hangs onions outside his front door a month before the IRHL season. This is a good way to keep the negative hockey Gods out of a house.

Onions grown in Gulay’s garden to specifically ward off bad hockey Gods.

“Which Aardvark will record the longest consecutive multi-point game streak in the 2018/2019 season?” poll results

Following the first two games of the IRHL season, several Aardvarks continue to hold a consecutive multi-point game scoring streak; Johannesson, Gislason, Fuz, Chwaliboga, Sigurdson, Finnson and Bobbee.

It will be interesting to see which Aardvark can maintain their ‘hot’ stick the longest.

You can catch the Aardvarks in action November 5th at the Arborg and District Arena at 9:00 pm against the Comrades.

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