Exclusive: New IRHL Commissioner gives first interview!

The Aardvarks would like to welcome Joel Fridfinnsson as the new IRHL Commissioner. A former player in the IRHL, Fridfinnsson is an invaluable member of the community donating much of his free time to make the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton a better place.

Aardvarkshockey.ca was fortunate to sit down with Fridfinnsson and ask him five questions in five minutes.

Aardvarks Hockey:Why do you think you will be a successful commissioner of the IRHL?

Commissioner F: Because of my overwhelming hatred of rec hockey and my fierce desire to make it less terrible for all those involved.

Aardvarks Hockey: What is your first act of business as the Commissioner of the IRHL?

Commissioner F: Without a doubt, putting the red-line back into the game. I am sick of this cherry picking nonsense.

Aardvarks Hockey: Chris Plishka and his ownership group are keen on entering a Hodgson, MB expansion team into the IRHL as early as the 2019-20 season. What is your stance?

Commissioner F: I am in full support of league expansion and look forward to cutting the ribbon at the unveiling of any new arena.

Aardvarks Hockey: Do you see any new trends in the IRHL?

Commissioner F: The one insidious trend that concerns me most is the switch to white tape on stick blades and butt ends. I will not rest until all players return to black. And, don’t even get me started on the tucking of the skate tongue into the knee pad business.

Aardvarks Hockey: What is one thing that you would change in the league?

Commissioner F: Back checking. I am taking it out. It’s rec hockey, for crying out loud!

Aardvarks Hockey: Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing more from you when the 2018-19 season commences.

Commissioner F: My pleasure.

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