February 2018 report

The Aardvarks posted a 3-3-1 record over the month of February.

With playoffs out of sight for the Aardvarks, they dressed a few affiliated players to see how they jelled with the veterans. Some notable standouts were Mitch Johnson and Darren Sigurgeirson. Johnson notched a whopping 11 points over 3 games played while Sigurgeirson sniped in 7 goals in his one game tryout. It will be interesting to see if either one of them can crack the 2018-19 Aardvark line-up.

In other news, GM Gunner Gislason is currently negotiating with the Commissioner of the RCMP to extend Evan Kassay’s contract for the 2018-19 IRHL season. The commissioner is a tough negotiator but Gunner is willing to sign Kassay at all costs, even offering the Aardvark roster to take turns patrolling the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton in place of Kassay when he takes his summer holidays.

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Kassay continually works to improve and refine his skills.

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