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“When Gunner’s IRHL career comes to an end, which sport should he master next” poll results

The results are in. The Aardvarks Nation has decided Gunner’s post retirement endeavours by selecting his next achievement….mastering the art of hide and seek.

Associate Captain Gislason is planning on asking his father, Kenneth Gislason, to organize an alfalfa hay bale maze this upcoming summer in order to begin his training for The Nascondino World Championships, the annual international hide and seek championship, held in Italy. Gislason is sure to succeed in this competition upon retirement from the IRHL.

Thanks to all of those that participated. Make sure to cast your vote in the next Aardvark poll.

The Nascondino World Championship attracts the world’s best hide and seekers.  Image source:


2018 IRHL International Break

The Aardvarks are releasing the following players for this weekend’s international break:

The Aardvarks would like to wish each player the best of luck!

When Gunner’s IRHL career comes to an end, which sport should he master next?

December 2017 Report

The Aardvarks posted a 3-3-0 record this past December.

The Aardvarks have yet to hit full stride this 2017/18 IRHL Season. The team greatly misses having forward Caleb Kanteluk in the lineup on a consistent basis, as they are 4-1-0 with him on the ice. Kanteluk has been missing games due to the outrageous prices of pork at the Arborg CO-OP. To battle these inflated prices, Kanteluk has purchased pigs that he has to take care of most nights when the Aardvarks are in action. After the upcoming butchering of his pigs, the team expects Kanteluk to return on a regular basis.

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