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Guess that Aardvark winner #10

The winner of Guess that Aardvark is Daryl Fuz who correctly guessed his brother Jeff was the mystery Aardvark. Daryl wins an all inclusive trip with Jeff to Bangalore, India to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for future contests with the Aardvarks.

“Which Aardvark has the best chance to win the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy at the end of this season” poll results

The sports editors of the Interlake Spectator and the Express Weekly News have selected Aardvark’s Gunner Gislason as winner for the 2016/17 Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, which is awarded to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to ice hockey.

Gunner may have played a career low 25 games this season, but he still tallied 35 goals while coaching the Teulon Midgets to the Interlake league title and gold in the Manitoba Midget B/C Provincials. With Gunner’s coaching success, the Aardvarks have a tough decision to make for the 2017/18 season, to assign Gunner behind the bench as their coach or on the bench as a player. Either way, Gunner’s presence is greatly reflected in the Aardvarks success.

Thanks to all of those that participated. Make sure to cast your vote in the next Aardvark poll.



Guess that Aardvark #10

It’s time to play Guess that Aardvark!


How it works…simple…we ask a series of questions to a particular Aardvark…you examine their answers…and you tell us who it is! If you guess that Aardvark correctly, you will receive a complimentary autograph!

Need a reminder of our players? Have a look at the roster.

OK…here we go!

Interviewer: Rate the following activities in order from most important to least important: watching TV, playing hockey, going on vacation, washing dishes and mowing grass.

Aardvark in question: Hockey, mowing grass, watching TV, vacation and washing dishes. The dish soap makes my hands too soft.

Interviewer: What is your favourite pre-rec game meal?

Aardvark in question: A&W Teen Burger.

Interviewer:  How many rolls of sock tape do you go through in a rec season?

Aardvark in question: Not many. Usually just borrow from Gunner.

Interviewer: Who was your favourite hockey player growing up?

Aardvark in question: Steve Yzerman. I admired how he played his final few years with bad knees and still produced. I know from painful experience that it is difficult.

Interviewer: What member of the Aardvarks reminds you most of a NHLer from  past or present?

Aardvark in question: Travis Bobbee reminds me of Tyson Barrie. Both excellent puck movers.

Interviewer: What is your greatest hockey moment?

Aardvark in question: Winning the MMJHL  Hockey Hutch Player of the Week Award in the 96-97 season. I tallied 4 goals and 3 assists on a Sunday afternoon against the Portage Terriers. I can’t remember if I was drunk, hungover or just normal. But, it was an honour.

Interviewer: Where should the Aardvarks hold training camp for the upcoming 2017-18 season?

Aardvark in question: MTS Centre. I am sure we would draw a couple thousand dedicated ‘Vark fans.

Interviewer: What is your least favourite arena to play in? What is your favourite arena to play in?

Aardvark in question: Arborg is my favourite. Gimli is my least. Too humid. Makes my hair curly.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time!

Aardvark in question: Yes.

To play, fill in the form below. Good luck!