Guess that Aardvark #9

It’s time to play Guess that Aardvark!


How it works…simple…we ask a series of questions to a particular Aardvark…you examine their answers…and you tell us who it is! If you guess that Aardvark correctly, you will receive a complimentary autograph!

Need a reminder of our players? Have a look at the roster.

OK…here we go!

Interviewer: Rate the following activities in order from most important to least important: shovelling snow, hockey, picking potato bugs, grocery shopping and watching TV.

Aardvark in question: Hockey, grocery shopping, shovelling snow, watching TV and picking potato bugs. Those bugs really stain your hands.

Interviewer: What is your favourite pre-rec game meal?

Aardvark in question: BBQ ribs. Pork or Beef.

Interviewer:  How many times do you wash your towel a rec season?

Aardvark in question: Wash it after every game.

Interviewer: Who was your favourite hockey player growing up?

Aardvark in question: I had a few in my day, but I really enjoyed watching Mike Shachtay. I admired his good defensive stick.

Interviewer: What member of the Aardvarks reminds you most of a NHLer from  past or present?

Aardvark in question: Jayde Barkman reminds me of Darren Pang. They have identical career GAAs.

Interviewer: Which Aardvark is most likely to star in a Hollywood film?

Aardvark in question: Jeff Fuz. He is clutch in big time situations. I can picture his Hollywood Walk of Fame star right next to Tom Cruise’s.

Interviewer: What is your best hockey moment?

Aardvark in question: Best hockey moment was witnessing Gunner Gislason score 4 goals in the must win against the Rifles 4 years ago. I was very proud of him that night.

Interviewer: What is your least favourite arena to play in? What is your favourite arena to play in?

Aardvark in question: All the rinks have a positive. Riverton has fast ice, Arborg has good fries…

Interviewer: Thank you for your time!

Aardvark in question: Yes.

To play, fill in the form below. Good luck!

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