End of year report

The Aardvarks finished the season six games under 0.500, posting a 10-16-2 record. The record does not truly reflect the team’s play, having lost a few barn burners by one or two goals.

Johannesson and Fuz both reached the 50 goal mark while Kanteluk scored a career high 20 goals. Gislason was the most consistent Aardvark, only missing two games, while Abuda averaged an astonishing  3.2 goals per game. The Aardvarks seem to have found a franchise goalkeeper in Barkman who is sure to help them in the future.

With seven months to go before next season, the Aardvarks will hold an end of year team meeting at veteran Buchko’s place to discuss their training routines for the upcoming 2016-17 campaign.

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