Cory Johannesson is determined to reach the 70 goal plateau this season. How will he score his 70th goal?


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January 2018 Report

The Aardvarks struggled to get their overall record above 500 this January recording a 2-3-2 record over the month.

With the 2017-18 season coming to a close, it is looking like the Aardvarks are going to be sellers, rather than buyers, this upcoming trade deadline. The lads have struggled to find their true form this season. The only Aardvark safe from negative criticism is netminder Jayde Barkman, who is currently on pace to break former Aardvark Curtis Chyzy’s 2009-10 team record of facing 1218 shots in a single season.

In other news, Aardvark’s shut-down D-man Jon Finnson is sacrificing the remainder of the IRHL season to work in the oilfields of Alberta to increase the Aardvark’s petty cash fund. He is determined to make enough money to supply the team with post game Reuben sandwiches for the upcoming 2018-19 campaign.

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Not only is Finnson known to work hard on the ice, he is also known to give’r at every task at hand. Image source:


“When Gunner’s IRHL career comes to an end, which sport should he master next” poll results

The results are in. The Aardvarks Nation has decided Gunner’s post retirement endeavours by selecting his next achievement….mastering the art of hide and seek.

Associate Captain Gislason is planning on asking his father, Kenneth Gislason, to organize an alfalfa hay bale maze this upcoming summer in order to begin his training for The Nascondino World Championships, the annual international hide and seek championship, held in Italy. Gislason is sure to succeed in this competition upon retirement from the IRHL.

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The Nascondino World Championship attracts the world’s best hide and seekers.  Image source:


2018 IRHL International Break

The Aardvarks are releasing the following players for this weekend’s international break:

The Aardvarks would like to wish each player the best of luck!

When Gunner’s IRHL career comes to an end, which sport should he master next?

December 2017 Report

The Aardvarks posted a 3-3-0 record this past December.

The Aardvarks have yet to hit full stride this 2017/18 IRHL Season. The team greatly misses having forward Caleb Kanteluk in the lineup on a consistent basis, as they are 4-1-0 with him on the ice. Kanteluk has been missing games due to the outrageous prices of pork at the Arborg CO-OP. To battle these inflated prices, Kanteluk has purchased pigs that he has to take care of most nights when the Aardvarks are in action. After the upcoming butchering of his pigs, the team expects Kanteluk to return on a regular basis.

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Christmas Turkey of the Game Award

The second annual Christmas turkey of the game award goes to Gunner Gislason. Even though the Aardvarks outshone the Comrades tonight, Gunner was not his usual self…recording a season low -3 in tonight’s affair.

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Last year’s Christmas Turkey of the Game Award was given to Jayde Barkman for his lacklustre performance against the Brewsers on December 14, 2016. Will Barkman be awarded a consecutive turkey? …What does Aardvark Nation think?…

November 2017 report

The Aardvarks are off the mediocre start this 2017/18 campaign, posting a 4-5-0 record.

New acquisition Evan Kassay has brought some more size and muscle to the Aardvark’s lineup. He is doing a good job filling the void of Parker Abuda, who is currently holding out for more money and more ice time.

Like the beginning of last year, Cory Johannesson is off to a sluggish start, performing well below his 2.5 goals/game career average. The absence of Abuda could have an impact with his current point production. Johannesson has to up his performance this December, as his 22 year contract is expiring at the end of this season. He is currently at the top of this year’s IRHL trade bait list.

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