Christmas Turkey of the Game Award

The second annual Christmas turkey of the game award goes to Gunner Gislason. Even though the Aardvarks outshone the Comrades tonight, Gunner was not his usual self…recording a season low -3 in tonight’s affair.


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Last year’s Christmas Turkey of the Game Award was given to Jayde Barkman for his lacklustre performance against the Brewsers on December 14, 2016. Will Barkman be awarded a consecutive turkey? …What does Aardvark Nation think?…

November 2017 report

The Aardvarks are off the mediocre start this 2017/18 campaign, posting a 4-5-0 record.

New acquisition Evan Kassay has brought some more size and muscle to the Aardvark’s lineup. He is doing a good job filling the void of Parker Abuda, who is currently holding out for more money and more ice time.

Like the beginning of last year, Cory Johannesson is off to a sluggish start, performing well below his 2.5 goals/game career average. The absence of Abuda could have an impact with his current point production. Johannesson has to up his performance this December, as his 22 year contract is expiring at the end of this season. He is currently at the top of this year’s IRHL trade bait list.

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“Which Aardvark best resembles 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Dave Andreychuk” poll results

Congratulations to Aardvark veteran, Donny Buchko, on receiving 42.86% of the votes for which Aardvark best resembles 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Dave Andreychuk.

Buchko and Andreychuk, both of Ukrainian ancestry, posses big bodies who set up shop in front of the net and bang home rebounds. Like Andreychuk, Buchko has the most career power play goals in his respective league.

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Final Score: Aardvarks 1 – Rifles 0 (Forfeit)

IRHL Bulletin:

The Aardvarks remain undefeated on home ice while the Riverton Rifles suffered their first away loss of the season.

Scoring Summary:

Gunner Gislason (Unassisted)

W: Jayde Barkman (3-2)

L: Brendan Sigurdson (4-2)



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IRHL Winter Boot of the Year

With the arrival of the snow comes the IRHL Winter Boot of the Year competition. This year’s IRHL Winter Boots of the Year representative for the Aardvarks are Jason Gulay’s  winter cowboy boots. The boots, manufactured in Texas and purchased in North Dakota, are worn by Gulay to honour his Midget Hockey coach Leonard Finnson.

There is some stiff competition for this year’s IRHL Winter Boot of the Year. The Rifles have entered Brendan Sigurdson’s Holstein hide mukluks while the Shooters have entered Blaine Magnusson’s nine inch heeled insulated rubber boots.

Aardvarks Nation wishes Gulay the best of luck!

“Which Aardvark will tally the most apples in the 2017/2018 season” poll results

Aardvarks Nation believes another Aardvark will tally the most assists during the 2017/2018 season.

The poll result is not surprising, with the abundance of unselfishness talent that this 2017/2018 roster contains, it is very difficult to predict an individual assist leader.

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Gislason’s Quest for the Double

Associate Captain Gunner Gislason begins his quest to win back-to-back league and provincial championships on Sunday October 22nd 2017 at 19:15 at the Arborg and District Arena. Tickets are available at the front door for $5, but if Gislason is your favourite Aardvark, admission is free!

Gunner Gislason, pictured with Stanley Cup Champions Reggie and Jamie Leach, is a champion in his own right.

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